Life Path Readings

Mediumship Readings

For every life problem there is a spiritual solution!

A single message can begin to heal your heart! 

Connecting with a loved one in spirit is a very special moment. Our loved ones always know what is going on in our lives as they remain connected to us through the energy of love.

They can often surprise you with little things they say but their messages are simple, down to earth and loving.

When you make your booking, send an invitation out to your loved ones in spirit to meet you on the day. Then release your expectations and allow spirit to arrange the day. 

The spirit/s who arrive can be someone you do not expect.  I do not have any control over that and neither does any other medium.

Your loved ones want you to know they always love you, and never leave you.  They are just a whisper away! 

30 minutes $80.00    1 hour $140.00

You never have to live in a state of confusion or feeling lost or stuck! There is always a spiritual solution to every earthly challenge in all areas of life. Career, relationships, health, finances and personal.

Life path readings are empowering by offering  you an opportunity to gain further insights into your  direction in life and shows you a way forward. 

We all have free will and this must be used by you to determine which direction feels right for you. Spirit does not tell you what to do. They advise, guide and offer you inspiration to adopt and adjust to your life. 

When you book your reading, I advise that you are open to listening and contemplating the guidance you receive. Come with love and positive intentions of hearing encouraging, supportive guidance, with  truth and integrity, love and compassion.

30 minutes $80.00    1 hour $140.00

You are an infinite being of light and love


​​A message from a loved one in spirit helps to fill the deep void that grief leaves. Your love and connection is gone. You are never going to see them physically again, talk to them, hug them or enjoy them in your life anymore.

When a clairvoyant medium gives you that connection it begins the healing process. It takes the loneliness and the hollow feeling of missing them away. 

People don't understand there is life after death and that our loved ones never leave us and are around us all the time.

Judi Nightingale,  New Zealand
  Thank you so much for your reading and also the time Paul and yourself gave me when I delivered the piece of artwork, generally talking, giving me more insight and answering any questions. I am grateful and appreciative for everything you have given me. It is wonderful to have such a beautiful path to live. I know there is a lot of work I need to do personally to take this on, but I also know I have all the support, love and protection I could ever need. The future looks unbelievably exciting! 

You told me in 2012 that I would be painting artworks for people. I am doing this but only realised after I started that this is what you had told me. You stated that I would paint a commissioned artwork, back then I trusted what you said to be true, but had no idea what I would be painting (certainly not Aboriginal Art) and how that would come about. Today it would seem I have the answer to that. Amazing Nantah, truly amazing. 

Regards Tim,   Sydney 
I found my reading with you very, very, powerful and uplifting. I feel the understanding you explained to me of my soul and love history I received has changed the way I see my life and has helped begin to heal an old, but deep wound on my heart. It’s like you turned a light on for me, so I wasn’t in the dark.

You gave me clarity, that made perfect sense, where no one else has ever been able to explain it to me, and it’s been a painful cloud over me for more than 20 years.

I feel so much more at ease now and accepting of what is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pieta, Sydney, Australia 2017

  Thank you so much for taking time to travel down to Melbourne and work so hard for so many people. I was once again amazed to watch you work the room during our open sessions. Your accuracy is incredible.

I love your Medium work. I especially enjoyed your Medical Intuitive side this time. Once again, just so accurate. A lot of people are over the moon with what you did for them and the healing you ultimately gave them.
Thank you again for everything

Deb,  Melbourne