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Nantah writes nonfiction spiritual books, channelled by spirit,
to enlighten and inspire your journey through life!
  On Wings of Love
  The King returns! 

My fourth book tells  of my recent continued experiences with spirit guides, Ascended Master Merlin and an angel who introduced himself to me as 'The Angel of The Lord'.  This Angel is a force to be reckoned with!

Read channelled messages from these infinite high level light beings, including Lord Jesus, and Archangel Jeremiel, who come to teach humanity the spiritual truths that will set everyone free.

Published in 2018
When Spirit Stepped In 

My story begins at the age of 2 years, when Spirit Stepped Into my life. It tells of my personal and professional experiences with spirit and how I became a psychic medium, healer and spiritual mentor.  

This exciting adventure will keep you spell bound as you learn  true facts about spirit guides, guardian angels and more. Many spiritual myths are busted! 

Although my writing is my own, my dear spirit guides also channel through me their contributions. 

  Published in 2011

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The following two books are about Body Mind Resolution Healing.
Pioneered by Nantah in 2011  & 2014 this healing is sacred and the first of it's kind in the world. 

Infinite Soul Healing
Body Mind Resolution (BMR) Healing® now offers a further advanced level of healing. Bringing greater peace, freedom and love within plus soul evolution to the Fifth Plane of Existence.

This book is for the seeker of deeper spiritual truths, answers and philosophies about the importance of healing the soul. BMR Healing offers the individual the opportunity to evolve to ascension level.

  Published in 2015
  Body Mind Resolution Healing 

 Medical science has made the connection of how our thoughts can affect the body in many ways but of course they are unaware to what extent the power of our thoughts can destroy us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The energy force of BMR Healing is both sacred and ancient, transforming people’s inner lives so their outer lives reflect the deep healing that has taken place. A truly amazing journey of  personal and spiritual transformation
awaits you!

Published in 2013

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