Nantah Ensom

About Nantah

Nantah was born in Auckland, New Zealand, of 97% Celtic heritage and grew up on a dairy farm where she developed a love for nature and animals. Nantah started riding horses at an early age and loved to visit her uncles racing stables. 

She has been married to Paul, for 39 yrs and they have been together for 43 yrs. They have two adult children, with partners and three grandchildren. Nantah loves her family, who are very important to her, possibly more than they realise. Her family are just like any other family experiencing ups and downs. 

Nantah loves music and dancing and learnt to play the piano and attended ballet lessons from age 5 years to 14 years. Nantah was very successful winning cups and medals. Nantah went on to Ballroom and Latin American dancing, winning medals in both genres. Nantah is very creative and has turned this natural ability to creating her career and a love of the arts sees her passion for writing manifest in her books.
Not one for sport, Nantah tried Netball, Hockey and Gymnastics, but  loved Cricket. She played in the girl’s cricket team for 3 years at High School, where her team was unbeatable. This led her to be selected to play in the Auckland Women's Rep team who played against Australia.

From then till now has been an incredibly action packed journey of change. Nantah's life is not as charmed or as easy as it may appear. Hard life lesson's for soul growth and personal development has lead her to where she is now and how she  helps others on both sides of life.

Nantah's Bio

Nantah is an Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Healer and Author. Nantah's abilities opened at the age of 2 years when she discovered a realm of existence beyond her then reality, as she was rejected and ostraziced by her family.

The multidimensional beings she connected with, became her family, her guides, her protectors and helped her to overcome 45 years of a traumatic life.

For 30 years, Nantah has been giving messages from loved ones in spirit to those on earth, and healing others to discover their authentic self, their courage, their strengths and empowering them to develop love and compassion for themselves and their lives.

Nantah has a vast knowledge plus personal and professional experience within the realm of spiritual development, the spirit world and the paranormal. 
Nantah is a professsional practitioner and is committed to her own continuing professional development and has studied nationally and internationally and qualified as:

  • An Advanced DNA Theta Healer​
  • Reiki Master Teacher​
  • Thought Field Therapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator
  • Homeobotanical Practitioner
  • Herbal Essence Practitioner
  • Holistic Pulsing Practitioner
  • Mentor

  • Author of four books 
  • Creator of three unique programs 
  • Pioneer of four unique healing modalities

  • Full Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT AU)
  • Approved Training Provider (IICT AU)
  • Life Member of the Homeobotanical Institute (NZ)

Nantah looks forward to meeting you