​Intuitively helping people move forward! 

How I help you move forward ...

Life Path or Mediusmship Readings  

If you are confused and lost then a reading providing solutions will improve your confidence and courage to take action in life. 
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  I inspire, motivate & teach

you how to succeed! 

                          Do you want 2019 to be your best year yet?

Are you unclear how to make that happen?

Nantah is available for in-house (corporate) or in-home
half and full day presentations and consultations.

This would be the perfect gift for your friends, family,
work colleagues or you!

Your Investment

Full day - From $1250 incl gst  per group
Half day - $795 incl  gst  per group

 A handout
Complimentary copies of 1 of Nantah’s books
 1 x Lucky door prize of a 1 hour phone consultation                      with Nantah valued at $190.00

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Body Mind Resolution Healing ®

A unique personal development program specifcally designed to suit your healing journey, assisting you to find your true authentic self by healing the past and setting you free of old hurts and beliefs. 
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Theta Healing ®

ThetaHealing is a powerful technique that will identify limiting beliefs, dissolve deeply long held blocks and instantly replaces negative programming.  
Systemic Pathways Clearing ®
Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing supports and assists healing the physical systems of the body at cellular level including the corresponding energetic systems. Suitable for eveyone from birth onwards. Not just another energy healing, but so much more! ​​
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 Online Courses  ®

Study at your own pace! Choose from three internationally certified courses to develop personally, spiritually and professionally! ​
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Retreat to nature with me!
 'Personal Empowerment Retreat'
will be held in Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW. 

15th/16th/17th March 2019   Early Bird Bookings Apply  
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 Online Course 

​A new  Spiritual Development online course!
Beginners Guide to Developing Your Sixth Sense.

Will be available from  1/12/2018. Enrolments being taken now! 
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Have you thought of giving a Gift Certificate which is a little different and exciting? 

Gift Certificates are now available for a one hour phone consultation with Nantah! 

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My life was changed in 2011 when I was lucky enough to have her cross my path. Nantah's amazing gifts, knowledge, incredible insights and love have helped me grow and develop myself as a person, enabling me to thrive and grow in all the right ways in order for me to deal with my journey.  

The Nantah experience can only be described as life changing. From a place of safety and purity, you are assisted along your learning journey (and lets face it, that's what this life is about) with love and amazing support. As each of our journeys are very different, Nantah has the ability to guide you through whatever problem you are facing in the best way possible for you as an individual to learn and grow.

Nantah's ability to see what it is you are meant to realise or learn, means she is able to guide you accurately through that and help you reach the other side, a more grounded and well balanced person.  Nantah can also teach you to recognise those signs and hints that we are all given to make better choices along our path which, if listened to properly, can guide us productively and safely through our life. 

No better place you can be than in Nantah's hands, to realise your best potential and happily strive through this journey we call life. God bless, 

Dominique,   Sydney Australia​   2015